credit @ lady_sb

credit @ lady_sb

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Ok so i’m not dead even if it might seem like it!

I came to Tokyo as an university exchange student a week ago, so I might not have as much time to be online since for once I get to do irl things wowo!

But if you’re around and want to meet up or want to receive a post card, feel free to message me! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ へへ

Casual outfit ♪

Casual outfit 

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I tried orange

I tried orange



Romantic Jewels -Gentleman-

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I don’t take power naps, I take transcendental blackened death naps.

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Vogue Beauty, Vogue Italia October 2008
Models: Eniko Mihalik, Jenney Sweeny, Iekeliene Stange, Alana Zimmer
Photographer: Greg Lotus.

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